There are many considerations and choices to be made when it comes time to plan an extended visit or vacation. There are the crucial details such as where and when, but once those are relatively settled other needs arise, with one of the main ones being selecting accommodations.

Between hotels, vacation rentals, Airbnb, and more, the options are seemingly endless! To help you narrow down your choices, here’s a quick list of the pros and cons associated with opting for a homestay (think Airbnb) vs. a managed suite (think multi-week-long vacation rental).

Privately Owned Condos vs Hotel Managed Vacation Rentals

Level of Service is Unknown For Most Standard Condo Rentals

Some privately owned condo rentals will come with all sorts of incredible care and service. You may enjoy homemade breakfast, daily fresh towels, and more. On the other hand, some don’t even come with towels. It all just depends, and it’s imperative you assess what your needs will be ahead of time and make sure to read through each option online as you search. For those vacationers not interested in service, then standard condos work great.

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Hotel Managed Vacation Rentals Offer Full Service, Always

Oftentimes professionally managed vacation rentals have a slightly higher price tag than an Airbnb, for example, but that is because they come with an array of services and amenities. Daily cleaning, concierges to help book tickets and tours, grocery shopping if desired, linens, and more. Essentially every step of your vacation experience will have a certain level of service associated with it, guaranteed. This is a better choice for those vacationers looking to deal with as few details as possible.

Condo Stays Are Budget-Friendly

While some condo stays have a much lower overhead than hotels and resorts and are required to offer less, therefore the prices are more accessible to an array of budgets. For the budget conscious trip, this is an excellent option. Hotel vacation rental experiences offers so much more. 

Total Vacation Experience is Achieved With a Managed Option

For those vacationers looking to fully relax, to not have to attend to many details, plan, and research for hours, a professionally managed stay is the best choice. With a managed rental you’ll arrive, check-in, and proceed to spend every possible moment relaxing and enjoying. The general feeling is one of being taken care of, rather than having to take care of things. Not to mention there’s an entire staff to assist with anything you may find yourself needing.

For Personality, Opt For the Condo Stay

A condo stay is named such because you will be staying in someone’s home. This can range from staying in a room in a home alongside the residents and owners to having an entire space to yourselves that is used but once a year by the owners. It just depends. Some of them are exceedingly charming and luxurious, others may be more rustic. Of course, you’ll be able to see the details of each individual set up online, and by reading through reviews. One thing is certain, there are some seriously cute and personable privately owned spaces! 

Consistency and Peace of Mind: Managed Suite

Many vacationers have a limited amount of time and want to maximize the experience, and dealing the potential of a less-than-promised private stay is not appealing. Managed vacation rentals really pack in value when you consider the consistency, accountability, and peace of mind offered. You know what you’re getting, and you can rest assured that any complaints or issues you may have will be dealt with immediately. 

Private Stays Are Found in All Sorts of Places

In a tree, on a lovely cliff side, above a bar, on a farm, the variety of where one can stay in a homestay is incredible. Any place someone wishes to rent out his or her home can become a homestay! Some will be private and calm, others will be in the middle of a bustling neighborhood. Reading through reviews is paramount to ensure you’re booking the ideal accommodation for your needs.

Privacy and Security: Hotel Managed Vacation Rentals

For those vacationers who prefer to have plenty of privacy and security, a managed suite may be a better choice. From front desk team members 24/7 to camera surveillance, there’s always a feeling of protection at a managed suite. You can rest assured that there won’t be any incidents and that if you have a noise issue it will be dealt with! Additionally, security and other safety measures can be somewhat inconsistent with privately owned condo rentals while professionally managed stays offer peace of mind. 

So, the question remains, what type of vacation accommodation do you picture yourself in? What sort of trip are you dreaming of? There are plenty of pros and cons to both types of accommodations, it comes down to which suits your needs better! When its all said and done, we’re fairly certain you’ll look back and be pleased with whatever choice you make, it is a vacation after all!

If a managed suite aligns with your needs, then we hope you’ll consider staying with us here at Beachwalk Resort in Hallandale Beach, Florida, a peaceful beach haven outside of Miami. Let us take care of all the details so that you and your party can sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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