When it comes to traveling for an extended period, being more thoughtful about packing is key. A weekend getaway, especially a road trip, is easy enough to pack for by throwing a few of everything into a bag and calling it a day. For those who have an upcoming extended vacation, anywhere from 10 days to a few weeks, we recommend spending some quality time strategizing a packing plan.

5 Extended Vacation Packing Tips for Your Next Getaway

After you read through our top five extended vacation packing components, it will be a piece of cake to develop your packing list and strategy!

1. Versatility

Versatility is gold when it comes to packing. Rather than five pairs of shoes, can you bring that number down to three? You can if one or more of those three pairs are versatile! Comfortable walking shoes are key, but have you considered a pair of walking shoes that doubles as a cute going out shoe, for example? Instead of four bikinis, what if you brought two reversible ones? Chances are you have a trendy pair of yoga pants that serve as workout gear and brunch attire. The key word here is “and.” Pack all the items that are good for X and X.

2. Organization

Everything works better with a bit of organization; a little life philosophy for you! Silliness aside, packing goes from chaos to fun once a few organizational strategies are implemented. Packing a suitcase is similar to organizing one’s closet; everything needs a designated spot. Most suitcases are simple rectangles, which means you’ll need to add compartments yourself. A simple way to do that is to invest in some packing cubes of different sizes – shirts in one cube, swimsuits, and hosiery in another. If you love shopping for travel gear, your heart will soar as you peruse this article, which offers some useful suggestions for organizing. If you don’t wish to purchase anything, consider using mesh laundry bags, or other lightweight bags and containers around the house.

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3. Don’t Forget a Day Bag

Extended vacation often means you’ll have time to go on day excursions. Rather than lugging around your carry-on for an entire day, be sure to pack a day bag ahead of time. Depending on how long you’ll be gone and what you’ll be doing, this can be anything from a small tote to a sleek backpack. This way, you’ll have a nice lightweight way to carry around the essentials for your day away!

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4. Spare Bag or Backpack

We’ve all been there, we packed for a trip, filling our suitcase(s) up to the brim. Satisfied with being able to fit those last pairs of shoes we are certain we’ll wear. Then, as the trip unfolds, we acquire more and more souvenirs, gifts, and mementos. Sure enough, when it comes time to pack for the return trip, there simply isn’t enough space. What now? Leave a few things behind? Purchase a new suitcase? Not this time! This time you can arrive prepared with a collapsible duffel bag, backpack, or another type of easily transportable piece of luggage solely reserved for items purchased!

5. Chargers Aplenty

In today’s age practically everything is done from the phone. Booking tickets, ordering Uber’s, directions, research, you name it, and there’s an app for it. Technology plays an integral role in organizing, enjoying, and planning travel, which makes it crucial that you have easy access to the necessary chargers. These days you can purchase everything from purses that charge your phone to solar-powered chargers. Determine if you have plenty of charging tools and be sure to pack them in an organized manner! Above all else, we recommend having at least one backup battery charging pack (which is also great for those day trips!).

We know not everyone enjoys packing, but with a little extra pre-planning, it can become great fun. Besides, packing means it’s time for a getaway which is always exciting! If you’re also looking for ideas on where to go for an extended vacation, look no further! Beachwalk Resort is located in Sunny Isles, Florida, which is the ideal destination to sit back, relax, and unwind from it all.

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